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Unique Jewelry, Limoges Miniature Painted Enamels

As a student I found a strong sense of context for the history, art and literature I studied in my own personal history. My roots are in Europe and the Middle East. Byzantine, Hellenistic and Egyptian artifacts are a part of my daily life. The European Renaissance, 18th Century enamels and jeweled objects, the Art Nouveau as well as Japanese Art made a deep impression on me. I responded very strongly to the “abandon” in these works. Their creators used materials for their colors, qualities of light, texture - striving for the surprise, the impossible - these were their language. These strongly influenced my own “personal voice” in jewelry.
It is hard to define what inspires me; it is a most submerged and fragile process. Perhaps it is the images that make my breath catch when I see them, the sensualist in me responding to the, nearly, heart breaking beauty I see, the wonder of patterns, interrelationships, contrasts, fragility. A face or gesture that has the purity of line and color of the most poignant portraits in history. When I see these, it’s like experiencing an instant in another time, when some other artist lived with the same pang of discovery. In this era that has became so technocratic, supersaturated and desensitizing that I feel the need to keep these sensibilities is perhaps stronger than ever.
I use the classic themes of the nude, plants, birds and landscape as vehicles to explore forms, line and texture - always expanding further the possibilities of the enameling medium with its endless range of colors and the ability to play with light. I love the ritual aspects of the elemental processes of working with metal, glass, gems – making a precious object - capturing in that miniature fragment a timeless, magic quality.

  • Born in the USSR.
  • B.A. in Russian Literature and Art History from Queens College, CUNY, New York.
  • B.F.A. in gold and silversmithing from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Outstanding Achievement Prizes and scholarship grants from the ISRAEL AMERICAN CULTURAL FOUNDATION.
  • Taught Enameling at the Bezalel Academy for six years.


2012 International Art Jewelry Show, Forbes Galleries, New York City
2009 GIA Museum, Carlsbad, California
2009 Sofa 2009, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2008 Sofa 2008, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2007 Fusion, Enamelist Society show
2007 Sofa 2007, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2006 Sofa 2006, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2005 Sofa 2005, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2004 Sofa 2004, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2003 Enamel Show, Zaruba Gallery, Rockville, MD
2003 Colors, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
2003 Sofa 2003, Chicago, Enamel Exhibition, Aaron Faber Gallery
2003 Sofa 2003, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2003 Extreme Metal Show, Mary Brogan Museum, Tallahassee, Florida
2002 Sofa 2002, Chicago, Del Mano Gallery
2002 Sofa 2002, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2001 GIA Museum, Carsbad, California
2001 Sofa 2001, Chicago, Del Mano Gallery, Chicago
2001 Sofa 2001, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
2000 Sofa 2000, New York City, Del Mano Gallery
1999 High Karat Gold, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1999 Color Theories, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1997 Earring Expo II, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1997 Expressions in Glass on Metal, Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center Alexandria, Virginia
1997 Sofa, Miami, Yaw Gallery
1997 Sofa, Chicago, Yaw Gallery
1996 Earring Expo, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1996 Exhibition of Contemporary Enamels, Tempe Art Center, Tempe, AZ.
1996 Sofa, Miami, Yaw Gallery
1996 Sofa, Chicago, Yaw Gallery
1996 Earth’s Bounty, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1995 Bare Essentials, Signature Gallery, Boston, Mass
1995 Sofa, Miami, Yaw Gallery
1995 Sofa, Chicago, Yaw Gallery
1994 Contemporary American Canadian and European Enamelists, Invitational, Kent State School of Art Gallery, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Ontario
1994 Gold and Silver, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1993 Masters, Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles
1993 Featured Artist, Yaw Gallery, Mich
1993 New Works, Two Artist Show, Aaron Faber Gallery
1993 Enamels; Small Works, Broockfield Craft Center, Broockfield Conn
1993 Featured Artist, Yaw Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan
1992 Contemporary Enamels, Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles
1992 Souveniers of New York, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York City
1992 Three Women- Enamels In America, Aaron Faber Gallery
1991 The Four Elements, Invitational Show, Zaruba Gallery, Frederick, Md.
1991 The Enamelist Society Show, Carnagie Art Center, Covington, Ky.
1991 Four Artists Show, Del Mano Gallery. L.A.
1991 The Haiku Show, Aaron Faber Gallery
1990 Featured Artist, Del Mano Gallery
1989 Sets Of Jewels, Aaron Faber Gallery
1989 Featured Artist, Del Mano Gallery
1988 Fancy Colored Diamonds, Aaron Faber Gallery
1988 A Valentine's Collection, Aaron Faber Gallery
1987 Enamels '87, National Enamelist Guild Show
1986 First International Biennial of Enamel, Laval, Canada. Honorable Mention
1985 The Enamelist's Art, Aaron Faber Gallery
1981-1983 Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Traveling show, Magnes Museum, Berkeley, Calif. National Ornamental Museum, Memphis, Tenn. Rose Museum, Brandais University, Mass. Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerpen, Belgium. Mikimoto Co. Show. Tokyo, Japan. Koffler Center of the Arts, Toronto, Canada. De Zonnehof, Amersfort, Netherlands
1978 Bezalel Gold and Silversmithing Show, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzeim, W.Germany
Deutschs Goldschmeidehaus, Hanau, W. Germany. Electrum Gallery. London, England
1976 Exhibit of Israeli Products, Institute of Design, Tel Aviv, Israel. Mexico City, Mexico
1974 Bezalel + 70, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum, Israel





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