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Unique Jewelry, Limoges Miniature Painted Enamels


"…masterful in her use of enameling techniques. She creates breathtakingly beautiful Botticelli- like figures who inhabit magical landscapes. Her expert use of the difficult manipulation of enameling to such an intricate end result is a tour de force…you are swept away by their feminine sensitivity, with their interpretation by the most delicate of drawing and coloration…"

Ornament Magazine

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In these pieces the subject matter is the female form. Often, by not showing the face the image becomes an abstracted exploration of form and texture. The soft sensual topography offset by jewel like detail. The 18karat gold frames echo the motifs of the enamels. Most pieces are brooches that are also designed to be worn as necklaces with gold handcrafted chains or freshwater pearl necklaces.


"…there is a harmony and perfect tone of one who studies traditional art of many cultures"

Metalsmith magazine

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A Haiku theme show was the start of this series of pieces. A traditional, Japanese, seventeen- syllable poem, Haiku always alludes to nature and seasons. The enameling medium provides a limitless palette of color, light, texture and line to capture a moment, a mood, a glimpse.

The pieces are set in minimalist 18 and 22 karat frames designed as pins or brooches that can be worn as necklaces.


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Occasionally other subjects become intriguing in terms of finding a way to interpret them in enamel and jewelry.

Gold Flora:

"Nasturtium leaves, ivy, ginkgo, bamboo live on in their fluid luster"




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A 4th Century BC gold Stalk of Wheat in the Schimmel Collection in the 1970's inspired this collection of pieces years later. Admiring the work of the greatest designer of all-nature led to studying plants, drawing them, exploring and recognizing the idiosyncrasies of line and form characteristic to each one. After that the pieces almost design themselves. They are handcrafted in18 karat gold with diamonds used occasionally as points of light to offset the soft matte of the metal. Baroque pearls are used as pendants and freshwater pearls as necklaces for the brooches.

Larger Works:


These are for the most part commissioned pieces that were an opportunity for the artist to push further the limits of ones' imagination and ability.
Free standing objects of enamel figure images framed in hand-crafted copper or silver and 18 karat gold. Landscape and nature studies - enamel wall-pieces framed in hand-carved ebony. Gold and fancy colored diamond necklace exhibition pieces. Portrait miniatures.

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